10 Best WWE Gimmicks That Were Only Used Once

9. The Throwback Tag Team

Concessions Kane

Throwback, or Revival. But don't call it that - after what happened to them, why would anybody want this impossible job anyway?

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson were the first wrestlers not just to pay tribute to how things used to be but dedicate every facet of their act to it in order to make new what was deemed too old. In the glorious tapestry that was NXT, they were given room to do just that. They harboured no expectations of singles success, nor thirst to turn boos into ego-boosting cheers to sell more merch. The pair never betrayed their modus operandi as a couple of cheating pr* ks who knew exactly how to work around the rules, but constantly had bangers, as if to prove that the two things weren't mutually exclusive.

The Revival were the still points in an ever-changing doubles division, but making the move to the main roster themselves was where it all went wrong. After leaving the company in early 2020, the pair revealed how game they were to do any old Sports Entertainment bullsh*t if given the green light to have their matches afterwards, but Vince McMahon was all take and no give when it came to their booking.

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