10 Best WWE King Of The Ring Winners

Will the 2019 edition bring us the next big thing? Or just a Billy Gunn?


With WWE announcing the return of the King of the Ring, it's only fitting we look back at some of the best winners in the history of the tournament.

Sure, the King of the Ring hasn't always been good, and there have been some bad and even terrible winners, for multiple reasons.

However, today we're not focusing on those... this is the only time in this article we're going to mention names like Billy Gunn, Sheamus, King Barrett or Mabel.

Today we look at the ten wrestlers who lived the gimmick and took advantage of it to become superstars in WWE, win their first championships or to completely reinvent their entire career.

Throughout this list, you will be reminded of how important winning King of the Ring can (and should) be. Let's just hope the winner of this year's edition does the same and goes on to become a huge star in this business.

But, most importantly and above all else, let's hope it doesn't go to Shane McMahon or Brock Lesnar in the end. Or Baron bloody Corbin. Can you even begin to imagine?

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