10 Best WWE Smackdown Main Events

5. Chris Benoit Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Edge Vs. Kurt Angle - December 5 2002

Chris Jericho Edge
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Just look at that world-class level of talent right there. That's what Smackdown fans were treated to every single week throughout late 2002/early 2003. The much-vaunted Smackdown Six routinely tore the house down with pay-per-view quality contests on the reg, creating an era that has arguably yet to truly to be matched.

Four of the six went at it in the elimination match main event of the December 5, 2002 episode, as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Edge all fought to become the number one contender to Big Show's WWE Title (yes, even though you had these four guys on the show, Big Slow was the champ).

Any combination of these four guys is just golden, so this match was about as good as you'd expect it to be. Eddie ate the first elimination, tapping to Benoit's Crossface, only for the Rabid Wolverine to follow him minutes later as he succumbed to an Edge Spear.

That left the Olympic Hero and and the hottest young star on Smackdown to battle it out for fifteen glorious minutes. The two men had assembled several high-quality matches throughout the year so they knew each other well and had no problem working with each other to create drama that heightened on every false finish.

Edge, who went into the match with a (storyline) back injury battled as gamely as he could but he could not kick out of Angle's pop-up Angle Slam off the top rope. Depressingly, after such an amazing main event Big Show came out and easily wiped out Kurt with a Chokeslam.

Even more depressingly still, WWE closed the show with a segment hyping the truly embarrassing Dawn Marie/Torrie/Al Wilson saga. Still, the four-way was the last match of the night and the thing that fans remember most about this particular episode.


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