10 Best WWE Superstars To Ever Wrestle In The Elimination Chamber

8. Randy Orton

Kane Triple H Elimination Chamber

Appearances: 6

Victories: 1

Eliminations: 4

Ah, now we're getting to the usual suspects.

'The Viper' Randy Orton is one of the most decorated champions in WWE history and has been a mainstay in the main event scene for much of the last decade, so it's no surprise to know he has fought in six Elimination Chamber matches.

The reason he is fairly low down on the list, however, is that he has only actually won one of those matches, which was the last Chamber match held, at 2014's edition of the PPV. This encounter was arguably the most star-studded Chamber match, with Orton going up against John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Christian and Cesaro, all of whom could conceivably have won on the night. Orton eliminated two men: Cena and Bryan, although the Cena elimination will have to go down as Bray Wyatt-assisted. 

His record in his other five Chamber matches is considerably less impressive, with only two more eliminations (Mark Henry and Chris Jericho in 2013), which is pretty sub-par when you consider that he appeared in the second and third ever iterations of the match in 2003 and 2005.

It seems like young Randall didn't really pull the finger out in regards to the Elimination Chamber until the last few years! Lazy viper.


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