10 Best WWE Survivor Series Elimination Matches Of The 2000s

7. Team Shield vs. Team Mysterio (2013)

Survivor Series 2005

Roman Reigns won from a three-on-one advantage. So, why is this match anywhere near a 'best of' list? One reason: because the crowd absolutely loved it. Despite The Shield being heels, and teaming with The Real Americans, the dastardly Reigns and Seth Rollins wound up facing the entirety of Team Mysterio before ten minutes had passed in the match.

Reigns claimed four eliminations as he ended up as the sole survivor, and the fans in attendance were lapping it up. Remember; at this point in time The Shield - Roman included - were such badass bad guys that they were becoming the most popular stars on the roster. Nobody was thinking about what might happen in three years.

While the booking was completely backwards, it also completely worked, further launching The Shield into WWE legend. The ball was already rolling on the breakup of the group, and looking back this could be considered a test run for Reigns' main event potential. It's worth noting that this match opened the show, a wise choice to get the adrenaline pumping through The Garden.


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