10 Best WWE Tag Teams To Never Win Championship Gold

10. The Orient Express

The Orient Express

Not a hugely surprising one in truth, as The Orient Express were pretty much used in an opening match role and opening match role alone. Managed by Mr. Fuji, Sato and Tanaka were evil foreign heel jobber fodder for the most part, appearing briefly in the WWF in 1990 and 1991, with Kato replacing Tanaka during the latter.

They may not have won gold, but these guys were putting on some of the best tag team wrestling in the country at the time and deserved a whole lot more than they got. This was the era of the Road Warriors, Demolition and the Powers of Pain, larger-than-life teams that simply dominated the opposition.

Sato and Tanaka (or Kato and Tanaka) were a lot more giving than that though, and their matches against The Rockers (more on them later) still amaze today. If you want to see high-paced North American tag team wrestling, go back and watch those matches.


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