10 Best WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

10. Alexa Bliss


Aside from brief belt swaps with Naomi and Sasha Banks on SmackDown Live! and Monday Night Raw respectively, Alexa Bliss has maintained control of her brand's Women's Title for the entire year. Clearly a huge sign of trust from management, Bliss' in-ring efforts are gradually improving to match the outstanding character work that helped her break out of the pack as one of the division's two pillars this year.

And whilst Sasha Banks, Bayley and others have suffered horribly from bad booking, she's just about managed to avoid the poison of the pencil. In truth, the idiocy and abject failures of her contemporaries has only boosted her profile further as a legitimate Champion.

Fans back winners, and even as a heel the audience has taken her on as a credible contender quashing their favourites. A 'This Is Your Life' segment trashing Bayley was perhaps WWE's worst televised moment of 2017, but Alexa was categorically not to blame despite the company's decision to throw her under the bus for it a week later. Her delivery of p*ss-weak content was remarkably strong - arguably the most vital skill to master in the overwrought WWE of today.

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