10 Biggest Heat Magnets In Wrestling Right Now

9. MJF

CM Punk

MJF is a 24/7 heel.

He generates elusive, earnest heel heat in the portrayal of his character. That remains a staggering achievement in 2022. His manipulative supervillain origin story was sensational because you wanted to believe - as an adult! - that there was some good lurking underneath the sociopathy. Of his fictional character. As it transpired, he was even worse than you thought. He was the devil himself.

If he's not quite considered that bad in the locker room, and again, this is written on a two-sides-to-every-story basis, he appears to have drawn a level of heat more earnest even than the heartfelt boos echoing around the stands.

Nobody knows the extent to which this deal with Tony Khan was a work, past tense, although it's clearly a 100% work now. It would appear that MJF has elected to tell an experimental and risky story with Khan's blessing - one that has pissed off at least one member of the locker room in Wardlow. He told Digital Spy that "All the crap with Max and everything he was pulling" ruined what should have been the greatest night of his career.

Several more, per Fightful, were pissed at MJF following the events of Double Or Nothing, during which he no-sold a meet-and-greet, and, as was effectively exposed on the very next Dynamite, began his Brian Pillman odyssey.

All for CM Punk to steal his heat within five minutes.

Isn't he meant to care about "the boys"?

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