10 Biggest WCW Crowd Reactions Ever

WCW may be dead, but the pops live on forever.

Goldberg, WCW

WCW is remembered in a curious way. Mention the long-dead promotion in certain pro wrestling circles today and almost all of the positive memories will be buried underneath creative control contracts, mind-bogglingly bad finishes, and The Shockmaster, all of which is probably on a pole waiting to be claimed by Buff Bagwell's mum.

Time heals most wounds however, and more and more fans find themselves looking back and remembering the good times as opposed to the miserable. For a long time WCW was the number one brand in the pro wrestling world, and this led to crowds that were practically molten.

Big moments on Monday Nitro received pops the likes of which we may never see again, and some crowd reactions live long in the memory. When WCW crowds went crazy they went crazy, resulting in some of the most impressive camera-shaking pops in modern wrestling history.

Here are the 10 biggest crowd reactions in World Championship Wrestling history. For the record, only post-NWA era pops are included.


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