10 Biggest Wrestling Fan Overreactions Of 2017

9. Kevin Owens’ "Burial" At Fastlane

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Following Kevin Owens' loss to Goldberg as Fastlane back in March, the term "buried" was being bandied around Twitter like it was going out of fashion.

Sure, Owens’ reign as Universal Champion had been ended in just 21 seconds, but to claim the defeat was an outright burial was just blowing things out of proportion.

For one, squashes matches are what Goldberg is and was all about - so much so that he’s even beaten Brock Lesnar in under 90 seconds. Plus, Owens was distracted by a returning Chris Jericho, which adds a major asterisk next to this one.

And besides, all that burial talk has since been silenced with the way the rest of Owens’ year has panned out. Four weeks after succumbing to Goldberg, he was winning the US title at WrestleMania. That was the first of two spells with the belt before he’d enter a feud with Shane McMahon in what is arguably now the most prominent storyline on the entire SmackDown brand.

The Fastlane defeat was a bad one - but given where Owens is now, calling it a burial would be a major stretch.

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