10 Biggest WWE Royal Rumble Disasters

9. Randy Savage Eliminates Himself - 1992

batista royal rumble

Randy Savage hasn’t had a great deal of luck when it comes to Royal Rumble matches. In 1991, he failed to come out at no. 18 after supposedly being chased out of the building by the Ultimate Warrior, and in 1993 he was eliminated after inexplicably going for a pin on Yokozuna, only for the big man to kick out with such force that it sent the Macho Man flying over the top rope.

But perhaps his most embarrassing Rumble blunder came in 1992 when he lept over the top rope and inadvertently eliminated himself.

Going after an already-eliminated Jake Roberts, Savage leapfrogged over the top rope and down to the outside before later getting back in the ring as if nothing had happened. Commentary eventually explained that Savage was still in the match as he hadn’t been tossed out by somebody else, but we all knew that was bunk because, in 1989, Roberts himself had been eliminated after fleeing the ring by his own accord.

Ultimately, that double-standard proved that this had been a botch and that, worse still, not even the guys in the Rumble itself were totally clear on the match's rules.


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