10 Biggest WWE Summerslam Controversies

9. Miss. Elizabeth “Strips”

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When: SummerSlam 1988

What Happened: Miss. Elizabeth ditched her wholesome image temporarily to help distract the heels during a hot SummerSlam '88 main event. Liz whipped her skirt off to reveal red panties, and everyone watching immediately complained to their local pay-per-view provider that they wanted wrasslin' not pornography.

OK, that didn't really happen, but this was risqué stuff considering the family friendly image of Vinnie Mac's WWF back then. Looking back, it's as tame as you're likely to get; Elizabeth was reportedly supposed to wear something more revealing, but Randy Savage put the brakes on that and wouldn't let it happen.

Fair enough.

Amazingly, people were still talking about this when yours truly was at the peak of his fandom during the 'Attitude Era' and beyond. That's even more surprising, because Liz strolling across the apron in her outfit wasn't anywhere close to some of the stunts McMahon's fed had women perform between 1998-2008 pre-PG.


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