10 Bold WWE Predictions For 2017

Will we see Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle again next year?


2016 is drawing to a close and for WWE it's been quite the crazy year. From AJ Styles debuting and winning the WWE championship in his first year to the women's revolution officially arriving on the main roster, there's been a lot to enjoy about Vinny Mac's company this year.

Of course, there were plenty of downs too. Zack Ryder's push ended before it had even really begun, Rusev and Lana continue to be treated abhorrently, and WWE never truly capitalised on the buzz following the Cruiserweight Classic.

And while we certainly didn't get everything right about 2016 - we're still waiting on that Roman Reigns heel turn - there were some bold predictions which did come true. Women finally main evented a WWE Pay-Per-View, Finn Balor was a star on Raw from day one, and Shinsuke Nakamura took NXT by storm.

It's only natural now, then, that we look ahead to what we might be able to expect in 2017 and speculate wildly with some bold predictions about big moments which could be on the horizon next year.

Here's 10 big things we reckon will happen in WWE in 2017.


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