10 Classic WWE Era Superstars That Would Still Get Over Today

9. Roddy Piper

Mr. Perfect Ric Flair

Sure, WWE has seen its fair share of madmen over the years, but none have ever appeared so genuinely unhinged as Rowdy Roddy Piper. 

What made Roddy Piper work so well was that he really sold that lunatic persona, to the point where you had to wonder how mentally stable the guy was once the cameras stopped rolling. It's rare to see someone in the WWE nowadays who has that kind of dedication to a character who can seamlessly weaves their own brand of crazy into the mix like Piper did.

Even in today's hyper-technical environment, when pure mat skills actually count for quite a lot (unless your name rhymes with Ron Tina), it might be tempting to write Hot Rod off as too sloppy for this era. But it's important to remember that Piper could be a solid technician when he had to, it's just that as his character evolved into an uncontrollable loose canon, he adapted his in-ring style to closer fit the gimmick.

The lone hiccup? Piper might have to drop some of the more stereotypically over-the-top elements of his Scotsman persona. Especially since the guy was Canadian in real life.


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