10 Craziest Things That Ever Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air

Nothing To See Here...


Thank goodness The Lonely Island were there to make fun of the bombastic lyrics that fleshed out R-Kelly's toxic (and accidentally incredible) 2003 single 'Ignition'. Somebody needed to.

In 'After Party', the Saturday Night Live trio ripped apart the party-to-hotel-lobby roadmap he presumably dished out to any woman unfortunate enough to attend one of his events. The tune played into the idea that the real action happened afterwards, and it's that same allure that keeps audience members in their seats until a WWE's very, very end.

WWE cottoned onto this as a way to flog tickets too. "HOGAN MUST POSE!" is one of Bruce Prichard's hilarious Vince-isms trotted out on his 'Something To Wrestle' podcast, based on the safety-net ending McMahon would ordinarily give his live crowds following pay-per-view or television specials.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was another famed topliner who thrived on giving the audience more bang for their buck after the cameras stopped rolling. Addicted to the buzz he could whip up like the foam atop his bashed beer cans, Austin's post-Raw parties were legendary in their lunacy and longevity. Fans shared his joy - unlike the television show they'd just seen recorded, the closing spell was just for them.

Much like the 10 items in this list once were. Phone cameras, internet live reports and WWE themselves have since served to capture post-show best bits for posterity. Second to seeing them live, a chance to relive them through a secondary lens only enhances their niche appeal.


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