10 Current Superstars That Are Future WWE Main Eventers

10. Xavier Woods

This may be the most surprising entry, all things considered, and as talented as Xavier Woods is, this may be going out on a limb. With that said, Xavier Woods has nearly everything that Vince McMahon and the WWE brass is looking for. The former NXT superstar is as charismatic as they come, can work well in the ring, is great on the stick, elicits crowd reactions wherever he goes, and is a highly educated, well-spoken man who knows how to communicate. The only thing Woods has going against him is his size, an uphill battle that many WWE superstars face. Still, you can't help but pay attention to Xavier when he's on the screen and if he plays his cards really right, he might transition from the entertaining and comedic mid-carder to serious main event-level talent.
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