10 Exact Moments Wrestlers Realised They Were In Trouble

Those times wrestlers had a feeling trouble was heading their way...

Summer Rae

Everyone has been there.

That moment of unquestionable fear when you realise you may or may not have just performed an action of uttered a phrase that is about to get you into all kinds of trouble for one reason or another.

Unfortunately for those who opted to pursue a career in the business of pro-wrasslin', though, said beats of terrifying realisation tend to go down on live television more often than not. And while thankfully many of the following situations didn't actually lead to a performer feeling the wrath of their boss, the folks involved definitely weren't aware of that in the immediate aftermath of their actions.

Some even assumed that their careers were about to be brought to abrupt end after one particularly dreadful botch, for example.

You'll be pleased to hear that no careers were ultimately ended due to the various mistakes, botches, or just blatant attempts to challenge those making the rules above them found in this list.

But a number of genuine facial expressions of unfiltered panic were still very much immortalised and lessons were undoubtedly learned thanks to everything from dumping the Face that Runs the Place on his head to completely messing up a planned finish in front of the person paying your wage.

10. Dolph Ziggler Thought It Was Over When DX Stuffed Him In A Box (WWE Raw, 2006)

Summer Rae

It's hard to imagine WWE programming without the ever-present bumping machine that is Dolph Ziggler at this point, with the former World Heavyweight Champion sitting as part of the company for nearly 20-years.

But back in 2006, there was actually a moment in time when it looked as though Ziggles may have wrestled his last match as part of the Sports Entertainment giant.

About a year on from his arrival as part of the relentless pains in the ass that were the Spirit Squad, Ziggler and the rest of his cheerleading pals were stuffed into a crate on the November 27 edition of Raw and sent back down to OVW with a sticker saying as much.

And it was right there and then that Dolph assumed that he was legitimately done with Vince McMahon's company, confessing as much on Twitter down the road, telling his followers:

"...when dx stuffed us in a box & we were taken off tv, I assumed I was fired"

This was far from the end of the Show-Off's WWE story, however, and Ziggler would ultimately pop back up on Raw in 2008 sporting those unmistakable bleach blonde locks and a cocky attitude that would set the stage for one of the longest WWE runs of the modern era.

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