10 Fascinating Facts About WWE WrestleMania 36

I wasn't there. You weren't there. Nobody was there.


WrestleMania 36 was certainly a night of firsts. It was the first to take place over two nights, it was the first to be pre-recorded and it was the first (and hopefully only) WrestleMania to take place in front of a record-breaking crowd of nil.

Thanks to worldwide health concerns, the event was forced to air from the WWE Performance Centre in front of no crowd whatsoever, leading to the biggest show in wrestling becoming the most awkward show in wrestling.

Not that it made the show bad. The wrestling itself was still good, Owens/Rollins and Bryan/Zayn were both excellent, the Boneyard match was probably Undertaker's best match in years, the Firefly Funhouse match was an utterly insane spectacle that only WWE could produce, and the part-time champions were dethroned by two stars long overdue their spotlight.

Vince McMahon's pirate ship was sailing through stormy seas but it came through the other side with an unexpected treasure of a PPV. Time will tell as to whether or not it will age like fine rum.

Many things happened that weekend, so here's 10 facts you might find interesting about the locked-down WrestleMania.

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