10 Fascinating WWE 1990 Royal Rumble Facts

1. Mr. Perfect Was Reportedly Supposed To Win The Match

Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Royal Rumble

One of your typical pay-per-view endings of the era, complete with a drained, sweaty Hulk Hogan posing proudly while "Real American" blares and the fans go crazy. Hogan won the 1990 Royal Rumble match after last eliminating the 30th man, Mr. Perfect. The commonly-held belief, however, is that Hogan wasn't supposed to reign supreme.

Instead, Curt Hennig (after drawing the "perfect number") was to have emerged victorious, keeping his on-camera pristine record in tact. The story goes that Hogan had politicked to change the ending, with some sources claiming that Hogan got it changed the day of the show.

In one sense, it may not have been so bad. Giving Hogan the big win here, so that Warrior beating him at WrestleMania would have even more meaning, makes sense. On the flip side, having Perfect win (even with chicanery) would've given him a landmark victory that would've made him a viable challenger for champion Warrior, who needed top-shelf heels to work with.


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