10 Fascinating WWE 1990 Royal Rumble Facts

2. It Was Rick Rude's Only Rumble Match Appearance

Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Royal Rumble

Rick Rude had a notable entry in the 1990 Royal Rumble match - for one reason or another, number 28 entrant Rude bypassed the countdown entirely, hitting the ring prematurely. He stayed in the match for six and a half minutes, until his third-place finish.

After working the undercard of the previous two Rumbles (vs. Ricky Steamboat in 1988, and in a special "posedown" with Ultimate Warrior in 1989), Rude was finally granted entry to the main match in 1990. It would be Rude's only appearance in the 30-man gauntlet.

Rude would acrimoniously leave the company in October of that year, and would spend about three years in WCW before retiring due to back injuries. Like Brutus Beefcake the previous year, it's a bit surprising to see Rude take part in only one Rumble match.


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