10 Fascinating WWE SummerSlam 2002 Facts

3. The Rock Was All About Putting Lesnar Over Cleanly

Brock Lesnar The Rock

There are many examples in wrestling history where title changes and torch-passing moments didn't happen the correct way, due to politics and greed. In regards to The Rock, few of his contemporaries have ever had a cross word to say about him. For the most part, he's been noted for his professionalism, and his willingness to do right by the wrestling business.

Lesnar would later say that Rock was all about putting him over clean as a sheet at SummerSlam. Although Lesnar was a heel (a monster heel, but a heel regardless), WWE could just as easily have had Paul Heyman interfere, or have Lesnar beat their top star through some other underhanded act.

Lesnar explained that Rock (who was about to leave for several months to film The Rundown) thought WWE would benefit most from him losing to Lesnar cleanly, so that the new face of the company could have maximum credibility in Rock's absence. Brock even said he would've been happy to return the favor down the line, since a rematch would surely make him, Rock, and WWE each tons of money, regardless of who won.


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