10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 1991 Facts

3. Hogan Was Legitimately Hurt On The Tombstone

Undertaker Hulk Hogan

When watching the final sequence of the WWE Championship match, it's patently obvious that Hogan's head never hits the steel chair when Undertaker Tombstones him onto it. That doesn't mean that Hogan came away from the move unscathed. In fact, "The Hulkster" actually spent the night in the hospital.

The injury sustained according to The Wrestling Observer was a jammed neck. Apparently during the Tombstone, Hogan's head was embedded into Undertaker's knee (to keep him from hitting the mat or chair), and the neck kinked just enough to cause Hogan legitimate pain.

Hogan did not appear for the rest of the night, and was unable to do a scheduled interview to hype the rematch for This Tuesday in Texas as a result. Hulk was back on the road three days later, so the injury seemed to just be little more than a serious scare.


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