10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 5 Facts

9. Donald Trump Fought To Allow Satellite Owners To See Show

Mega Powers Explode

You can understand WWE's point of view when it comes to pay-per-view piracy. The company was looking to block satellite dish access due to bars airing the event to more than just a handful of people at one time. One person who took an opposing stance to WWE's concern was one of their more prolific celebrity friends, one whose name was plastered all over the pay-per-view.

The future President of the United States publicly stated that he supported the idea of satellite owners being allowed to see WrestleMania 5. Naturally, with Trump sponsoring the event with the "Trump Plaza" label of Boardwalk Hall, wider access to the event provided more exposure to his casino and his personal brand in general. Savvy, if nothing else.


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