10 GCW Wrestlers Who Owned 2021

9. Rickey Shane Page

Matt Cardona
Beyond Wrestling

Rickey Shane Page has been one of the most disrespectful and dastardly heels in GCW for some time, holding the World Championship for 488 days before finally being defeated by Nick Gage in May of this year.

He returned to the promotion during the summer, saving Nick Gage from an attack from his 'former' stable, but this would all be a ruse, with Page effectively helping Matt Cardona steal the championship from Gage.

Rickey Shane Page has been one of the unsung heroes of GCW and hardcore wrestling for the last ten years and his time as GCW World Champion made him one of the most hated individuals in the company. Page refused to defend his championship and used his stable 44OH! to keep his position at the top of the card. His betrayal of Gage would lead to The Art of War Games event where the gimmick match was taken to its bloody and gory conclusion. It is one to watch but not for those with a weak stomach.


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