10 Great Wrestlers Who Never Had A One-On-One Match At WWE WrestleMania

9. John Morrison

Considering how the main event of the most recent Bound for Glory went, maybe this isn't such a bad thing.

Much like Ziggler, John Morrison - the modern day Johnny Mundo/Impact/Whatever wacky name he has in this promotion - was always fingertips away from the top.

Incredibly athletic, charismatic, and with abs you could grate cheese on, Morrison had his fair share of memorable moments and championship reigns in WWE. None of these, however, led to a big 'Mania pay-off.

He was in Money in the Bank, two tag team championship matches, and a six-man tag where he partnered with retired Trish Stratus and non-wrestler Snooki. You can see why he left the company shortly after.

Morrison's star has got a lot brighter since he left, but it's not like he was unknown in WWE. He was popular and could easily have put on an entertaining singles match with the right partner at WrestleMania.

Morrison was in WWE at a time when most of the smaller, high-flying guys were not treated like top stars. If he were there now, then it would be a different story.

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