10 Greatest Calls Of Jim Ross’ Career

9. WrestleMania 25

Jim Ross STop The Match

Slightly more serious than the Skittles adverts, next we have JR’s performance from WrestleMania 25, and in particular his calls during the classic encounter between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

The first of two monumental showdowns, this first rendition is widely regarded as one of the greatest WWE matches of all time. So it was only fitting that JR would call the action and that he’d do so with his usual brilliance.

Perhaps the biggest highlight arrived after Michaels had inexplicably kicked out of a Tombstone, to which JR promptly announced to the world “I just had an out of body experience". I remember thinking this was a bit over-the-top at the time, but watching this back it fits perfectly with the match, nicely complementing the Undertaker’s similarly bamboozled expression.

But as well as that, it was the little things he did that made all the difference. Having announced ‘Taker’s record to be 17-0, he quickly reinforced that stat as “17 and zero” to really hit home how incredible it was.

For his attention to detail, as well as the headlining soundbites, it was another stellar performance from JR at the announce desk.

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