10 Greatest Wrestling Brawlers Of All Time

9. Dusty Rhodes

The Undertaker Steve Austin

Somehow, Dusty Rhodes has found himself featured prominently in the Most Underrated Brawlers Of All Time category. How did that happen? How did we, as a group, let that happen? Is it because his overall charisma and slickness made us forget that he was actually a brawler? Was it the polka dots? WAS IT THE POLKA DOTS??

Regardless, Rhodes is certainly one of the more entertaining brawlers the WWE was ever lucky enough to snag hold of, even if it was for a pretty limited period. I

n the NWA, Rhodes embraced being the son of a plumber and parlayed it into his "Common Man" gimmick, which immediately put him over with the working-class audiences.

No one put more gusto into the simple things than Dusty, making crowds cheer for every elbow to the head and knee to the gut. He took these basic manoeuvres and shined them up, adding a little extra flair before and after them. They looked more impressive for it.

And talk about guts. Dusty Rhodes had more heart and grit than anyone of his era, and he showed that in every match. There are very few who literally spilled their blood for the business as much as Dusty either, which played right into his work style.


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