10 Highest-Rated WWE Raw Segments Ever

5. “This Is Your Life” (27 September 1999) - 8.39

Mankind this is your life

Here it is: a segment which most reading would have been expecting to see break into the top three, at least.

The "This Is Your Life" epic involving Mick Foley, The Rock and a colourful cast of characters said to be from Rocky's past remains one of the most beloved skits in WWE history. Foley's natural charm and The Rock's razor-sharp wit helped turn the segment into a success so notable it prompted an attempted re-do by Alexa Bliss last year.

Whereas that remake would bomb, the original made the WWF feel very good about themselves. Why wouldn't they be proud when the segment pulled in an 8.39 quarter hour? The fact that rating sustained through into the next quarter (the promo went long) proves how much people watching were enjoying it.

Over on Nitro, Perry Saturn vs. Konnan drew a 1.58 number opposite "This Is Your Life". It's probably for the best that WCW didn't try to counter what was happening on Raw with build towards the next month's Halloween Havoc show that they'd want their audience to see.


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