10 HUGE AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door 2022 Predictions You Need To Know

9. Bullet Club Vs. Dudes With Attitude

Forbidden Door
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This cannot fail.

This simply cannot fail.

Very little does with The Young Bucks anyway. Or Sting. Or Darby Allin. Or Shingo Takagi. Or Hiromu Takahashi. Plug the remaining gaps with Hikuleo and the unpredictable El Phantasmo, and this fabulously well-arranged eight-man could easily steal the show from some of the more high stakes efforts on the card.

Masters of laying out clashes such as these, Matt and Nick Jackson will undoubtedly exploit every single avenue for insanity, Takahashi, Phantasmo and Darby Allin will relish in joining them, and Sting - Sting! - will probably contribute something improbable to the piled up bodies. That's not to discount hybrid genius Shingo, who fuses pace, power and danger better than just about any wrestler in the world.

The heels will be total c*nts, the babyfaces absolute heroes, the match a sugar rush of luxurious pro wrestling and (hopefully) a sh*tload of facepaint.

This cannot fail.

Winners - Dudes With Attitudes


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