10 Infamous Moments Where Wrestlers Broke Kayfabe

10. An Emotional Undertaker

The Deadman was moved to tears during Ric Flair's farewell on Raw back in 2008. The tear jerker took place on the Monday night Raw after WrestleMania XXIV, where the Nature Boy was defeated by Shawn Michaels and forced to retire. Various superstars from Flair's past joined the 16 time world champion in the ring to say a few words. Then the entire locker room filled the ramp in appreciation for the career of one of the greats. Raw ended with that lovely image of an emotional Flair receiving the well deserved admiration from his peers. When the cameras went off air, The Undertaker made his way to the ring. He shook Flair's hand and then took to one knee to show respect. The pair then embraced and a blubbering 'Natch' set Taker off. The Phenom was filmed with tears in his eyes which proved Vince McMahon was right to leave it out of the aired Raw. We're all obviously aware that The Undertaker is human and just playing a role, but The Deadman shouldn't be seen crying live on TV, his character would lose some legitimacy. Maybe the old school mentality is more alive than we think.
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