10 Live Observations From WWE EL Paso

8. Orton Is The Last Man Standing (Of Course)

Sin Cara In Ring

One of the show's marquee matches saw Randy Orton take on Rusev in a last man standing match.

True to form for Orton, the bout started off characteristically slow, but luckily, it picked up a good amount of steam as things progressed. Some weapons were brought into the mix and they were used to their fullest as the two men clobbered each other.

The match did hit a couple of snags, namely Rusev getting the steel steps stuck in between the ring post and the barricade and someone dropping a microphone and sending a piercing screech throughout the arena. All things considered, however, it was enjoyable enough.

It also thankfully wasn't booked to be a complete shutout and Rusev actually looked like he had a fighting chance, but as everyone expected, Orton picked up the win after sending Rusev through a table and hitting him with an RKO.

Fair play to Randy though, he did take the time to interact with as many fans as possible following the match.

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