10 Longest Matches In WWE History

2. Bruno Sammartino (C) Vs Gorilla Monsoon - WWE Title - WWWF MSG Show - May 11th 1964 (70 Minutes)

Bruno's legendary reign continued through 1964 with matches against another WWE icon. Gorilla Monsoon was a big and heavy wrestler, a fearsome competitor. He later became the voice of a generation with his commentary work in the 1980s. But in 1964 he was still a hell of a pro wrestler. He tangled with Bruno at Madison Square Garden, headlining the show and treating the crowd to a 70 minute draw due to the event curfew being reached. In truth, this was a way of protecting both wrestlers. Bruno was a big star and Gorilla was a big star. Booking either of them to lose wasn't really an option.
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