10 Longest Matches In WWE History

1. Bruno Sammartino (C) Vs Waldo Von Erich - WWE Title - WWWF MSG Show - Aug 22nd 1964 (81 Minutes)

Bruno is on this list more than any other performer. He defended the belt on many occasions, including a record setting 81 minute match with Waldo Von Erich. The bout took place in 1964 and headlined at Madison Square Garden. The official result was ruled a draw, due to the event curfew being hit. It was of course a different era, with time limit draws and longer matches being fairly common. But what an achievement, that still stands to this day and is unlikely to ever be broken. It is perhaps something that WWE should think about bringing back, not just longer matches but the time limit draws. It give an interesting twist to the current formulaic booking style in WWE, plus gives the booker an option to protect both wrestlers.
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