10 Longest Matches In WWE History

3. Pedro Morales Vs Bruno Sammartino - WWWF Showdown At Shea '72 - Sep 30th 1972 (65 Minutes 5 Seconds)

For sixty five minutes and five seconds, Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales battled it out at Shea Stadium. It was an historic encounter, one that came close to being the largest outdoor wrestling gate at the time. Despite bad weather, 22,508 fans filled the bleachers. Fans were there to see two men who had both been WWF Champions. Indeed, Morales was champion at the time of this bout. Both were popular, with their local heritage being a big draw on the North Eastern scene. To draw over 22,000 fans to a stadium like that was an incredible achievement for that time. The result was a draw due to the event curfew being reached. The match went 65 minutes and five seconds, to be exact.
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