10 Longest Women's Championship Reigns In WWE History

9. Michelle McCool

Championship Held €“ Women€™sLength of Longest Reign €“ 217 Days Besting Maryse€™s reign by a single day, the 9th place entry on the list is former WWE Diva and wife of The Undertaker, Michele McCool. McCool€™s title win over Melina at The Bash PPV in June 2009 saw her become the 29th female competitor to win the Women€™s Championship. At the time when McCool defeated Melina she was already a former WWE€™s Divas Champion (she was the first), and so this Women€™s Championship win allowed her to become the first ever Diva in WWE history to have won both titles. McCool would go on to hold the Women€™s Championship for a commendable 217 days before losing the title at the Royal Rumble to Mickie James, following a long and controversial feud where McCool and her ally Layla had bullied James and made fun of her weight on a number of occasions. Mickie James€™ title run was short-lived, however, as McCool would win the belt back just 23 days later (officially 26 days because of the tape delay) on an episode of Smackdown. This second reign was nowhere near as impressive as the first, with McCool losing her title to Beth Phoenix after a relatively poor 61 days.
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