10 Lost Gimmicks WWE Should Bring Back

Triple H should plunder WWE history and bring back these forgotten gimmicks.

Batista Simon Dean

WWE's roster isn't the gimmick-filled circus of the mid-1990s. Back then, occupations were the general rule. Most midcarders had to be something, which is why Vince McMahon tried out plumbers, garbage men, dentists, race car drivers, preachers and almost everything in between.

Hell, even The Undertaker was cast as a mortician originally. Supernatural tweaks eventually led 'Taker to shooting lightning bolts from his hands and being able to teleport just because the lights went out. That's the kind of crazy stuff wrestling gets away with, but such cartoony elements have been largely downplayed in the modern era.

Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' was an obvious exception. That character stood out because it was different to everything else on TV and felt like a throwback all at once. Should WWE revisit Bray's alter ego with somebody else? No, of course not, but Triple H's creative team can pay homage to the man by reimagining one of his forgotten offshoots.

There are loads of other forgotten gimmicks to plunder too, and the best of them will be included here. Repeating history might work for current members of the main roster, and for those looking to make a splash coming up from NXT.

Time to get gimmicky!

10. The Wyatt 6

Batista Simon Dean

Let's start with Bray's tribute.

Wyatt's recent passing hit the pro wrestling community hard. Not everybody adored his in-ring work or 'Fiend' gimmick, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many who didn't respect the man's creativity. WWE could do way worse than paying homage to Bray by revisiting the abandoned 'Wyatt 6' concept.

This wouldn't need to be some epic story that lasts 3-5 years, or anything. However, it'd be lovely to see Wyatt's brother Bo involved, and to see some breakout stars emerge from underneath the costumes of Huskus, Rabbit, Mercy and the like. That'd be a cool way to honour Bray's memory and for creative to spin out of things with some new wrestlers to work with.

Several struggling main roster scrubs would benefit from this (the Hit Row lot are looking for something new to do, for example), and few on NXT would sniff at the chance to be part of something so historic and touching.


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