10 Lost Gimmicks WWE Should Bring Back

9. Vampire

Batista Simon Dean

There isn't much from WWE's version of ECW that's worth remembering. Vince McMahon set the tone for things in 2006 by introducing zombies, then turned Paul Heyman's original hardcore vision into a 'C' show more worthy of the name Heat than ECW. Still, it did throw up something interesting.

Kevin Thorn. Yeah, the vampire guy.

Thorn was the ex-Mordecai's second crack at success in the company. Did it work? Nah, not really, but that's because everything was a little too cartoony and clashed with what fans wanted from a revived ECW brand. Fast forward to 2023, trim off some of the cartoonish elements, slap it on Karrion Kross and...voilá.

Kross and Scarlett already have a splash of the supernatural about them anyway, but they're crying out for something more from WWE's creative team. You could even say they're crying out for something to sink their teeth into. Sorry.

Not actually sorry. Bring back the vamps!


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