10 Loudest Crowd Reactions In WWE History

9. The Hitman Returns?

triple h 2002 return

Shaun Michaels is undoubtedly one the greatest babyfaces in the history of WWE. However, his brief run as a heel during 2005 was one heck of a ride.

The high point came during an episode of Raw in the location of the Montreal Screwjob. Having dealt with chants of "You screwed Bret" since the infamous event, WWE and Michaels planned a promo that would whip the Montreal crowd into a riot-like frenzy.

The cunning plan worked to perfection as Michaels - barely able to speak over the uproar - began with a disrespectful rendition of the Canadian national anthem that was followed by slanderous comments about Bret Hart. Like something out of a dream, the recogisable guitar squeal of The Hitman's theme rung out; the crowd's reaction was deafening.

However, it quickly became apparent that it was all a ruse; understandable, the audience was pissed. Taking the opportunity to poke fun at the crowd for falling for his simple joke, Shawn Michaels brought a whole new meaning to the "Heartbreak Kid" moniker.

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