10 Modern Wrestlers And Their Old School Equivalents

Sting & Darby Allin are not the only wrestlers who are alike!

Chad Gable And Kurt Angle

Some wrestlers are so good that you just want to see them again. The generational gaps between old school performers and modern ones tend to get blurred quite often. For many fans, this is a blessing, as it can be thoroughly rewarding to see the stars of yesteryear interacting with contemporary wrestlers. However, if there is one thing that this teaches us, it's that many modern wrestlers are easily comparable to performers from the past.

The wrestling business is built around memorable characters and well-played roles. Thanks to the sheer number of performers who have spent time in the industry, it's impossible not to see modern figures share some connections to older talents. By subtly paying homage, or simply operating in a similar manner, these current wrestlers can make the most out of this direct comparison, and have a huge splash on the wrestling world.

These following entries are the best examples of modern wrestlers who can be easily paired up with those who paved the way, thanks to a varying degree of factors such as wrestling style, looks, ring attire and more.

10. Pete Dunne & William Regal

Chad Gable And Kurt Angle

From the moment that Pete Dunne began interacting with William Regal in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, fans began to see the pair's subtle connections. While Regal is currently a beloved member of WWE, he spent a lot of time as a tricky and devilish heel, which is a role that Dunne also executes to perfection.

Many direct comparisons can be made between them, such as their nationality and ring-gear, but their wrestling style is the most evident link. The British grappling fashion that Regal operated made him an absolute ring general, dominating his opponents with holds and innovative counters. This is an in-ring style that Dunne also specialises in, as he uses his smarts and technical prowess to inflict pain on his opponents.

Dunne almost seems to realise this connection, as his ring attire features the heavy use of burgundy colours, which were famously worn by Regal in his time within WCW and WWE.

While Dunne positively adapts this and makes it his own, there's no denying that this choice certainly feels like a homage to the NXT General Manager's former gear.


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