10 Moments That Literally Stopped WCW Matches

9. Scott Hall Arrives

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To say The Mauler and Steve Doll were low on the food chain in WCW would be an understatement. Formerly known as Blake Beverly and Steven Dunn, respectively, in the World Wrestling Federation, these two just so happened to be having a singles match at the same time Scott Hall reappeared in WCW on 27 May 1996.

Hall had previously worked as The Diamond Studd for the promotion, but by now he was simply Razor Ramon to wrestling audiences. So, when the four-time Intercontinental Champion rocked up in the crowd during an episode of Nitro, it was a huge deal.

The attention of those in attendance, those at the commentary desk and even those competing in the ring meant that the Mauler vs. Doll match rolled to a halt. In fact, not just did that contest take a time out, it ended up being called off entirely as Hall got in the ring and cut a promo on WCW and the ongoing 'war'.

For Doll, this would be his final televised match for WCW. As for The Mauler, this was actually his first televised WCW match - and he'd revert to his Mike Enos moniker a month later, remaining with the company for a further three years.

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