10 Most Boring WWE Main Events Of All Time

Nothing can sink a PPV quicker than a main event that puts audiences to sle...zzzz.

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Main events should always be the best part of the show. Like any decent piece of storytelling, you really want to close any wrestling gig with something that the audience will love. If they are enamoured by the main event, it’s more likely that they will forget any mistakes you made earlier on in the show, and their overall impression of the show will be much better.

WWE usually understands this, and they normally put everything they can into making their main event as memorable as possible. Sometimes though, their brains seem to explode and they put forward a main event that is woefully executed, simply leaving a foul taste in the mouths of everybody watching the show.

Poor execution is one thing, but what is really infuriating is when a main event is put forward to the audience that is just simply boring. Here we present ten instances where WWE absolutely dropped the ball in regards to making their main event even slightly entertaining, and instead giving us bouts that were simply excruciatingly dull.

10. King Of The Ring 1995 – Diesel And Bam Bam Bigelow V Sycho Sid And Tatanka

1995 was an absolutely horrifying, seeping wound of a year for the WWF. While many like to point to that year’s WrestleMania as being indicative of just how bad the product was, a compelling case can be made that it was the King of the Ring that showcased the creative nadir the organisation had hit.

King of the Ring featured literally zero title matches. Not even the main event featured anything worth fighting for, and yet punters were expected to actually pay to watch this dumpster fire. More significantly though, the ‘main event’ featured one of the most unpopular champions in the company's history in Diesel, squaring off in a brain-shatteringly boring tag match, in front of an audience who provided all the atmosphere of a funeral.

Kevin Nash was never the greatest worker at the best of times, but with an injured elbow he was particularly woeful in this bout thanks to an injured elbow. To make matters worse, this abomination came towards the end of an absolutely turgid feud between Big Daddy Cool and Sid (who was never even a ‘good’ wrestler at his peak) and people weren’t even slightly interested in seeing how the story panned out. When Nash somehow managed to pin Tatanka for the win, despite basically doing nothing during the bout, the match, and the entire PPV was mercifully put out of its misery.

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