10 Most Boring WWE Main Events Of All Time

9. December To Dismember 2006 - Elimination Chamber Match

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It’s pretty hard to screw up an Elimination Chamber match. Even when they turn into a disaster, they can normally be entertaining – as evidenced by the one where Dolph Ziggler took control and told everybody what to do live on PPV. December to Dismember's proved the exception to the rule, however, even though it featured CM Punk and RVD.

The reason why it's so boring is because the match burned through the best talent in the ring ridiculously fast. In a contest that featured those stalwarts of boredom, Test and Bob Holly, CM Punk was the first person to be eliminated. And while Holly was next to go, any optimism for the fate of RVD was quickly squashed when he was next out. That meant that it was up to Test, the Big Show, and an incredibly green Bobby Lashley to carry the remainder of the match. Understandably, the results were disastrous.

The three giants plodded through some awkwardly delivered spots with the excitement of a tax return and all the timing of a broken watch. To make things a hundred times worse, though, everyone knew exactly where the match was going, so any surprise or excitement factor was removed. Instead, we got treated to watching three of the most boring wrestlers to ever lace up boots struggle to construct an ending everybody knew was coming.

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