10 Most DEMENTED Wrestling Fantasy Booking Ideas Found Online

Randy Orton Vs. Randy Orton: the...dream match?

Randy Orton Randy Orton

Fantasy booking: we all do it.

Your writer once had an idea, years ago, when WWE's brand split was strictly enforced.

Two hotly-tipped stars from the independent scene - i.e. those with the talent and know-how to get over - debut on Raw and SmackDown respectively after WrestleMania. Both embark on undefeated streaks. Trust the fans to draw parallels between the two, and when they do, indirectly tie the wrestlers together in storylines, with for example a sly nod of mutual respect or recognition backstage at a dual-branded pay-per-view. Make the fans feel like they're ahead of it, so that they want to see the clash - because it's their idea.

Then, get more explicit with it as the conversation inevitably turns to who is actually the superior talent. Wrestler X mimics Wrestler Y's taunt out of nowhere in a TV match. Wrestler Y in response uses Wrestler X's finish a week later. Because they're undefeated, they each win a midcard title (because winning matters!).

They finally clash at the Royal Rumble. The showdown is massive at this point. X eliminates Y. A furious Y costs X the Intercontinental title as X later costs Y the United States belt. A major grudge match between two suddenly very credible names is set for 'Mania. That isn't half-bad, right? Incredibly naive and very online, but not terrible?


Then again, the person who fantasy-booked Kofi Kingston to break the Undertaker's Streak probably thought their idea wasn't half-bad, either...

10. Retooling Jack Swagger

Randy Orton Randy Orton

Jack Swagger was last considered a top main event prospect in 2010.

He was part of the "He's great because we've been starved of actual main event-level talent for years and will only realise that he isn't great in the years to come" late 2000s generation. He had a cracking match by the standards of the time with Rey Mysterio at Money In The Bank 2010, and the Real Americans (Swagger and the Switzerland born and raised Cesaro) were a fun team, but Jack Swagger was a very capable amateur wrestler who wore Kurt Angle's singlet. The comparison was only ever superficial.

Not according to a Reddit poster however, who had an idea to 'Retool' Jack Swagger.

Swagger was set to be the man to dethrone United States champion Rusev and restore the honour of America. He was to do this by revealing, at Tribute To The Troops, that he was going to wrestle under his real name of Jake Hager and incorporate Angle's 'Patriot' as his theme in a training video. This isn't too demented, at least until you get to the best bit. An incredible aside.

"Out walks Jake Hager with new attire (and possibly a buzzcut)."

Possibly a buzzcut!

Fantastic. He needed a buzzcut just in case it wasn't obvious enough that he didn't like the forrins.

Which Reddit user pitched Jack Swagger to get such a big push: Jim R?

No, that's too obvious. For privacy's sake, let's call him J Ross.


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