10 Most Disappointing WWE Matches Ever

4. Shawn Michaels Vs. Bret Hart (WrestleMania XII)

Brock Lesnar Randy Orton

Fans and critics alike were torn on this one: some hailed it a WrestleMania classic, while others suggested it was an overlong snooze-fest which didn't belong on wrestling's grandest stage.

The truth, as is so often the case, is probably somewhere in between - but the fact that we need to have this debate at all, about a match featuring two of the all-time greats, probably means it was at least a touch disappointing.

One if its major problems, so the detractors said, was that the longer it went on (and it went for a while), the clearer it became that no falls would be scored in regulation time.

Technically speaking, Bret and Shawn were mostly on point, but without any tension you're always going to struggle to hold the fans' interest for a full 60 minutes.

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