10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

1. The Undertaker

For a lot of people, The Undertaker's word as the dark overlord of 'The Ministry Of Darkness' is one of the best periods of his career. Evolving from the slow, plodding zombie character of before, 'Taker was able to show much more of what he had in the ring, and it's a shame that injuries would curtail his run as the Gothic Undertaker, because there was so much more potential in the gimmick. Obviously, The Undertaker would return in May, 2000 as the 'American Bad Ass' biker version of the character, but a lot of fans point to the period from late-1998-mid-1999 as a time when The Undertaker was really the most interesting gimmick in all of wrestling. Tweaking his outfits to suit the Gothic nuances, 'Taker was pretty much portrayed as the devil, running roughshod over the WWF with his minions at his disposal, doing his dirty work for him. One infamous angle had The Undertaker even crucify Steve Austin, something which the PG-era simply wouldn't allow nowadays! It was all very out there, but made for compelling television. Are there any other Goth-inspired wrestlers you can think of? What did you make of the ones included on this list? Let us know down in the comments section below!
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