10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

9. Daffney

Incredibly, Shannon Spruill simply responded to an advertisement from World Championship Wrestling in 1999. It's crazy to think that the company were looking to hire more talent at the time, given that there were close to 250 members on the active roster, many of which never even appeared regularly - if at all - for the promotion. Nonetheless, Spruill was cast as Daffney, an out-to-lunch young Goth who latched herself onto David Flair, becoming his on-screen girlfriend as a result. Largely remembered for her piercing screams from ringside, Daffney was an interesting character, one which perhaps owed a lot to the likes of Luna Vachon for inspiration. It was fairly bizarre when Spruill showed up in TNA, answering an open challenge from Awesome Kong in 2008, going on to play a strange portrayal of American politician Sarah Palin. Needless to say, the character didn't really get over, and the woman was back to playing Daffney in quick order, aligning herself with Stevie Richards. Nowadays, Daffney can be seen on the independent scene, and it seems the ship has sailed for the scream queen in regards to a major promotion coming looking for her services.

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