10 Most Gothic Pro Wrestlers Ever

8. Shelly Martinez

Listen to anyone talk about the woman, especially other ladies, and it's likely there won't be too much positive things being said about Shelly Martinez. Apparently, when working in WWE as the vampire-like Ariel, Martinez rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with her attitude, and was gone by May, 2007. To this day, Ariel insists that a relationship with Batista is to blame for her being shunted out of the door. Working alongside Kevin Thorn, Ariel had also made prior appearances with Paul Burchill on main WWE television, but largely on shows such as Velocity. She did have presence, that much can't be denied, although didn't really show much aptitude for the actual in-ring part of wrestling, something which likely held her back significantly, along with her frosty relationship with others in the Divas locker room. Upon leaving WWE, Martinez would join TNA, becoming a part of LAX and being re-dubbed Salinas. Again, the female didn't really do much other than accompany someone to ringside, only stepping inside the ring on occasion, and not to much fanfare. At least she looked good in photoshoots, that's about the sum of Shelly Martinez's career in pro wrestling!

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