10 Most Obscure Wrestling References In Hip Hop Songs

9. Tech N9ne - "Strangeulation II Cypher V"

"Disrespect the clique, and oh, you know they ain't got far to go. That's when I grab em by the neck, hit 'em with that RKO. Outta nowhere, I'm on my viper s**t. Might just have to resurrect the dead and bring back Piper's pit. Cause' we about to teach the industry a strange lesson. Just when they think they found the answer, we change the question."

While he might not be a household name like some other rappers on this list, Murs is an underground hero who earned his stripes by consistently proving himself to be a technically solid rapper who strings together punchlines so well he'll have you on Genius within seconds.

As part of Tech N9ne's Strange Music label, Murs was featured on one of the standout freestyles from the Strangeulation Cypher Series. While the other rappers had some fantastic bars, Murs took it to another level with the wrestling inspired ending to his verse.

Not only does he mention the king of the RKO, Randy Orton, he also manages to throw in a very cool reference to wrestling legend 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. However, the most subtle of references might be in the first line when he mentions his clique being respected.

Could this be a subtle reference to the behind-the-scenes friendship between Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall? Considering the lines that follow it, we'd like to think that Murs was clever enough to mean that double entendre.


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