10 Most Outrageous Wrestling Hotel Incidents

Fights, excrement, women and fights: wrestlers do a whole lot more than just sleep in hotels.

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In the Wild West days of wrestling, the guys and gals of pro wrestling spent an unfathomable amount of time on the road. Some wrestlers have boasted about spending more than 300 days a year travelling from town to town! Their lives were an endless stream of car rentals, changing rooms, late night diners and cheap hotels.

As such, wrestlers will visit and stay in thousands of hotels over the course of their careers. Normal people sleep in hotels; wrestlers seem to do everything but. Often times, these hotels would become hives of wrestling debauchery, where the boys would all get together to blow off some steam. Some wrestlers frequented the bar, some snorted coke in the toilets and others made ample use of their beds with various ladies along the way.

Many of wrestling's most infamous stories have been born in budget hotels and seedy motels strewn across America's highways. Here's ten of the juiciest and most horrifying stories of what wrestlers got up to away from home.

10. Marty Jannetty Beats Up Shawn Michaels

Kickboxer Vengeance Batista

From 1985-1992, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were part of the tag team The Rockers. While never close friends outside of the ring, the two were never enemies. However, being around someone 300 days a year and thousands of hours on the road inevitably leads to arguments.

The story goes that in 1991, a year before their famous on screen split, Jannetty and Michaels were hanging out with the original 'Rowdy One' Roddy Piper in their hotel room drinking. According to Jannetty, Piper started mouthing off about how Shawn was the talented of the two. He even went as far as to claim Jennetty was 'nothing special.' He needled Jannetty until the Rocker finally snapped and cussed out the legend, telling him to shut his mouth.

Michaels took exception to this and confronted Jannetty about showing respect to veterans like Piper. The Rockers argued until punches were thrown. Safe to say Marty won as, apparently, Michaels looked like Quasimodo by the end.

Of course, this being in a hotel, the police were called. Upon seeing the state of Michaels’ face, the cops arrested Jannetty. On their way out, 'Macho Man' Randy Savage happened to be walking by. With some classic wrestling workmanship and a few autographs, Savage managed to get Marty out of handcuffs and out of trouble.

Being the petulant HBK of the '90s, Michaels threatened to quit the company to spite Jannetty and subsequently no showed several events due to facial injuries.

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