10 Most Outrageous Wrestling Hotel Incidents

9. WWE Wrestlers Brawl With British Kickboxers

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This really happened. In 2005 on a tour of the UK, the SmackDown roster found themselves in a Hilton in Birmingham. It was here, in the most unlikely of place, that the sports entertainers had a battle royal with a group of drunk kickboxers.

It was reported that the foot fighters were drinking at the hotel's bar when they began mouthing off to the wrestlers. One of those wrestlers was the World Heavyweight Champ Dave Batista himself. It was said the kickboxers began antagonising the WWE superstars, loudly proclaiming that wrestlers were fake. Eventually, the squared-circle folk had had enough and a brawl broke out right there in the hotel lobby.

The brawl itself would have made the ECW hardcore smile. The kickboxers were thrown all over the place by the much larger wrestlers. One kickboxer was launched clean across the bar, another over a baggage trolley. Even the event's organiser, ex-world kickboxing champion Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill, was dragged around the hotel lobby and tossed around by the 'Animal' Batista. The fight spilled in to the car park and a security barrier was broken before police could regain order.

The fight lasted a reported 15 minutes before it was broken up. No one was arrested and no charges were filed. How do wrestlers get away with this stuff?

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